Inaugural Post

So yes, believe it or not, I’m blogging now. I’ve thought about starting a blog since college but couldn’t justify the effort. Blogging never entirely made sense to me; I’d always end up thinking…

Who on the internets cares about what happened in my life today and why am I going to spend precious time writing about it? - me

Well, why?

The other day I was reading an article on Scott Hanselman’s blog. At the bottom of the article Scott conspicuously included a link to a website called Keys Left. I clicked the link, read the site and a light came on. All of a sudden blogging made sense; forget one-on-one email, blog instead! Instead of writing long-winded reply emails (a habit I’m known for), write a long-winded blog post (ok, maybe long-winded isn’t such a great idea) and send a link to it as a response!


So here I am, as an ode to Scott, writing my first blog post and officially launching my blog. Hopefully you find something interesting and worthwhile to read here in the coming days, weeks, months, years, etc. Thanks Scott for taking the time to blog, for putting together the Keys Left website and for justifying blogging in a way that completely makes sense.

Action Item

If you, dear reader, haven’t been to the Keys Left website yet I sincerely encourage you to give one of those links a click or navigate your browser to … It just might change your paradigm too!

Brad Linard

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